Agnes Peteler

About Me

Hey, I’m Agnes Peteler! And I’m so happy you’re here!! So many of my favorite memories in life seem to take place around the table, especially when surrounded by people I love. And of course, all the better when nourished by some seriously delicious food.

I started this blog in March 2020 as a creative outlet for me to express my love for all things food, eating, and cooking. I’m the kind of person who will simmer with excitement over something I picked from an online menu before I go and actually eat it at a restaurant.

Too many times, I’ve come across stuff in cookbooks with ingredients I don’t even recognize and have no idea where to even begin looking for. So I’ve decided to post recipes with real ingredients. Everyday ingredients. Things most people are familiar with.

So I try to feature real everyday food at home with everyday ingredients you can find at grocery stores. Realistic stuff. Stuff you can pronounce and recognize. Nothing too fancy, a balance between from-scratch cooking and easy thing. And the blog is catered specifically to the mighty home cooks of the world. Those who are tired of eating out every day, or want to learn how to cook, or those that already have a family to feed and want to try out new things. I hear from you! There’s a wide range of items you can find here, from healthy food to indulgent food. I have a sweet tooth, so you can see a lot of sweet stuff here. Pick whatever you like and whatever fits your lifestyle. My food is a balance between healthy eating, regular meal, and food that tastes so good that it will nourish your body and soul.

So that’s the short version. If you want more, read on! Otherwise, happy cooking!

I’m no chef, unless being a home chef counts. I have no formal training, just lots and lots of trial and errors while I make mistakes and learn as I go along in the kitchen. I try to admit to these mistakes on the blog and to be as honest as I can, even if it’s unhealthy for my ego, but hey, no one’s perfect. And hopefully, other home cooks will learn from them.

I started cooking in my early twenties, and my best teacher was my grandma, just like most of us. I always loved her foods, and I wanted to be a good cook one day just like her. She wasn’t much of a baker, but she though me a couple of traditional recipes. But I have a big passion for baking, as I mentioned earlier, I have a sweet tooth, but the reality is that I love making them more than I love to eat! But I like to treat my friends and family with baking goods and see that shine of happiness in their eyes.

I have always asked about my baking and cooking recipes. So I have a massive folder of my favorite recipes that is a collection of my Mom and my grandma’s recipes that my Mom still makes. Some are my own created recipes and some from the internet with my own tweak. Recently, I got a massive binder of family recipes from my husband’s family as a wedding gift. A great combination of comfort foods and delicious desserts, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you. So I decided to build my own blog, so I can direct everyone to my very own blog to try their favorite recipes, and I got to say its pretty fun! I never thought I would have so much fun to write and share my favorite quick and easy recipes.